How it Works

Multi-tenant building owners, operators and occupiers across Australia have no control of their on site electrical infrastructure and the big electricity companies are reaping all the benefits. Take back control of your electrical infrastructure and ensure your current and future buildings form part of an Electrical Embedded Network. This same outcome applies for all common services within a multi-tenant site. Whether it be your Water, Gas or many other common services, Brandable Billing works with developers to optimise the efficiency and performance of their buildings using the latest technologies and products.

What is an Embedded Network?

Electrical Network

An electrical embedded network is when you - the building owner, operator or occupier - purchase electricity at a cheaper rate for the whole building and sell this electricity to all your tenants at a reduced rate. Both you and your tenants win with cheaper electricity using group buying power.

Bulk Hot Water Network

Our bulk hot water embedded network system is a centralised rooftop hot water system designed to supply the total requirements of hot water to all apartment. This centralised rooftop designed will not only save precious space on site but will also provide the homeowners with discounted hot water rates. It gets better - typically all homeowners get free gas usage for gas cooktops and other appliances where applicable.

The Benefits

Recurring Revenue Stream

Buy purchasing in bulk from the provider, you can cut out the middleman and make healthy profits year on year.

Cheaper Bills

With plenty of margin in the costs, you can offer your tenants a reduced rate.

No Upfront Costs

Leverage off our green loans and pay back the assets with the profits made

Industry Leaders

Become leaders in sustainability without affecting your bottom line

Easy to Install and Manage

Our systems works out of the box and are completely automated to manage ongoing operations.

More Control

Greater control of the site electrical infrastructure means more revenue opportunities in the future. e.g installing electric vehicle charging stations.

The Team

Brandable Billing

Deliver the entire project from start to finish and provide all the systems and support for ongoing operations.

Your Company

Continue to do what you do best.

Your Utility Company

The utility provider who makes a margin from selling the discounted service to the tenants; or you can elect for Brandable Billing to run your operations.

The Process

Deliverable 1 - Your Company
Provide the embedded network site
Deliverable 2 - Brandable Billing
Identify Embedded Network opportunity via feasibility assessment
Deliverable 3 - Brandable Billing
Establish the Embedded Network and project manage the complete process
Deliverable 4 - Your Utility Company
Manage the operations of the Embedded Network ongoing using our automated system and tools or elect Brandable Billing to run your operations.

The Prices

Brandable Billing offer packages with NO upfront costs meaning you start making profits from year 1.

A recent 82 residential apartment building provided our end client with $47,000 profits in year one after paying all site costs. This included the installation of all electricity meters and a large rooftop solar panel system. Our end client is expected to make around $250,000 in recurring profits over the next 5 years at this site.


This graph shows the profits per year after paying for the finance of hardware, electricity account from gate meter and all our ongoing fees

How we did the sums? 14kWh per residential tenant per day 35kW per commercial tenant per day No of total tenants x 3kWh per day for common area usage Selling to tenants at 25 cents flat rate Cost of energy 14 cents weighted cost Reduction in purchasing meters from distributor (CitiPower 2016 Pricing schedule) Finance rate of 6% of 7 years 5% increase in selling rates annually